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Prague Makeover Customer Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials and notes we have received from our clients after their cosmetic surgery treatments:

All went fantastically well. I was met by your representive (i think it was Eva?) was was very nice and took great care of me. The clinic was spotless and highly impressive. The doctor looked and acted very proffesionally and i was immediatley at ease once I met him. The procedure and the girls who conducted it were brilliant and rather pretty so the whole process was very very enjoyable and pain free. What more can I say except that it was all perfect and i am 100% satisfied with everything. My scalp looks and feels healthy with no problems at all! Please pass on my thanks to all your team and I expect to visit you again may be in September or Octobe this year for a little top-up and check-up and I will be in touch in due course. Again many thanks to the team! best regards Mr P, London, hair treatment, April 08

Hi Iva, A note of thanks for such fantastic service and organisation on your part. The welcome pack on arrival at the hotel and you coming to assist me to get their on the first day, were much appreciated, as was you efficiency through all of my many questions! I think I am going to be delighted with the results but at the moment I am still swollen and a bit numb around the eyes. Once it has all settled though I shall let you know and send an 'after' picture. The hospital were very professional and certainly seem to have the very best in terms of consultants. I feel very confident. There was a lot of waiting around with nearly every appointment running over a lot and on 2 occasions by 2 hours which was a pain and maybe worth mentioning to them. As I have previously said the dentist said that I need to return for 10 days for the dental treatment.....  Many many thanks again. I truly will be recommending you to my friends. In fact one may well be joining me in January for some work!  Speak soon. T., London, Cosmetic surgery, November 07

Hi  Iva , Went to my appointment on Friday in Prague..went very well. Many thanks for the welcome pack, it was very useful. Regards. Fiona, UK, Dental, November 07

I approached Prague Makeover regarding the possibility of receiving 1200 ‘Biofibres’ to be implanted as the Clinic in the UK (which I have been receiving ’NIDO’ treatment for some 16 years) have unfortunately stopped this particular process. As I have been used to artificial hair I have reached the point of ‘no-return’ as conventional hair replacement is now just not suitable. I was overwhelmed at the professionalism and hospitality that I received during my short stay in Prague. The Doctor and his staff were a credit to their profession and the clinic itself was very impressive. The process was painless and the finished result is amazing. It has been several weeks now since the procedure and the look and feel of the new fibre is great. I would highly recommend ‘Prague Makeover’ to anyone that is in a similar situation to myself.  Mike S., London, Biofibre hair implant, 01/11/07

Hi ive,yes we are very pleased with results and we are very well,everything healing good. R. is asking what days do you operate over xmax period as he is wanting rhinoplasty treatment on his nose and has got 3weeks off over xmas and new year. We have been telling all our friends about the clinic and the care we had while there,we cant wait to visit prague again as its a lovely city and really enjoyed our stay. We would reccommend it to everyone. Thankyou for all your help while we was there and will be seeing you again very shortly. R. and S., Wales, Eyelid surgery, October 07

Hi Iva, I was very pleased with the service form both your company and Dent Medico. I have just recovered from the bone graft and will soon be able to start eating properly again. Will let you know when I have arranged my next appointment at Dent Medico - in about six months. Regards. David, UK, September 07, Dental implants

Dear Iva, Thank you so much for your mails. It was a nice experience to visit Prague and the clinic and I´m happy with the result of my lip treatment. Kind regards, Anja, Denmark, September 07, Botox and fillers

Iva, I am indeed satisfied with the services you provided. I appreciated the flexibility, timeliness, completeness and professionalism with which you followed up on my request. This contributed significantly to my decision to ahead with the procedure. I was also positively impressed by the clinic and surgeon you have selected. As a matter of fact, I would come request your services again in about 6 to 7 months to undergo the second phase of the changes I need .....  Would you please pro-actively contact me around that time frame to decide on these procedures? I will certainly recommend your services to friends, should the opportunity arise. Many thanks for your help. I look forward to seeing you again in early 2008 in beautiful Prague. With best regards, Name withheld, Switzerland, August 07, Facelift

"My assessment of treatment offered by Prague Makeover is as follows. I found out about the Prague Makeover clinic through an internet search. Communication with the clinic prior to treatment was by email and/or telephone. The schedule of costs and facilities was clearly displayed prior to my attendance. The clinic offered frugal, but adequate and acceptable accommodation on treatment days. I choose to find my own hotel accommodation prior to my treatment day, and on the day following my treatment day. The GHO clinic is situated some twenty minutes by bus or tram from the city centre. It is easy to find and easy to reach. Prague is a city that is finding its way to market economy status and , as is every other city, it is of mixed quality in the suburbs. The GHO staff are friendly, helpful and sympathetic. They are also extremely competent and careful. The clinic has the highest standards of cleanliness, and evry effort is taken ensure a sterile operating theatre. I had one session of hair implantation, with the insertion of about 800 grafts. The procedure is virtually painless and seems to be trouble-free. Would I recommend the GHO clinic at Prague Makeover? Yes, without hesitation." Anthony B. UK. Hair transplant, June 07.

"Thank you for all you did to make my surgery an easy process, am looking forward to seeing how my eyes look once the dressings come off Monday. My legs are healing well & brusing starting to improve. I will be emailing the surgeons with an update next week. We enjoyed our visit to Prague but happy to be back home with my pets. It is of course pooring down with rain the moment we landed, good old British summer weather!!" Jackie U.K., Eyelids, Varicose veins, June 07.

“Thanks peter for arranging my eyelid surgery and the hotel.  btw the Easyjet fligth back was full of stag parties which I could have done without.All the best “  Tamara D. Birmingham, March 2007

“Eva and Peter, hi from Glasgow, was nice to meet you in Prague and thanks for everything. I asked my father about the hair treatment but he is sceptical.“ Trudy. Glasgow, Mar 2007.

“I had dental work arranged by Prague Makeover of cleaning, filling and 2 crowns. The clinic was great and prices much better than I was quoted in UK. I also had botox and restylane 2 areas at myclinic which they organised when I was there.“ James F. London, December 2006

“I was a bit nervous to start with, not having been to the dentist for so long. But the dentist made things clear and my veneers look great, got lots of comments about them. thanks“  Bryce T. London, Jan 2007

“Dear Eva, Thanks for everything, expecially picking me up before and after the surgery. Please say thanks also to peter as well as I didn’t see him before I left“  Caelum O. Dublin. Eyelid surgery, Feb 2007

“I had eyelid surgery at Prague Makeover / clinic Asklepion. I can say that the clinic and Dr Vasek were great and made me feel comfortable. I was unsure about going away by myself to have an operation, but it was fine in the end. Thanks again“  Anita. London, December 2006

“Dear Iva, thanks for organising everything and for taking me to and from the clinic. I was bit nervous about the whole thing but am glad to have it done now. I will try to come back with my boyfriend for the dental work after Christmas.“ D.W. Manchester, November 2006

“I had liposuction of the organised by Prague Makeover. I can say that everything was aranged smoothly and the surgeions were excellent. Also the price is good. So I will recommend it to my friends. “ P.D. Cork. Nov 06

“The treatment was good value and I felt at home in the clinic. The apartment was nice and good location and just big enough.” Anne T. Dublin, 23 Nov 2006. Liposuction.

 “Dear Peter, Thank you very much; we had a wonderful time at the spa and felt truly pampered and relaxed! We enjoyed our visit to Prague very much; it is a beautiful city and has many wonderful sights and friendly people.
I will certainly bear you in mind for the future and would not hesitate to recommend your excellent service. Kind regards,“  N. W. Manchester, Sept 06

“Hi Iva, thanks for all the help and hope you are well. Please say hi to Suzana at the clinic. The healing is fine now, back to work on Tuesday. I enjoyed seeing Prague even though I didn’t like going out with the bandages on my face.“ S. D. Leeds, October 2006. Cosmetic Surgery


Note: some names may be modified to protect the identity of our clients.

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